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Our Classes

Kickboxing is an excellent route to whole body and mind fitness for women, men and children. The average calorie burn is 5-600 per hour for an average weight adult, and the combination of mental and physical discipline and fitness that can be achieved by working towards and through the Kickboxing belts with Kicks is unparalleled.

A typical adult Kickboxing class will consist of pad work, technique tutoring, body conditioning and fitness, with sparring for Orange belts and above or with Sensei’s permission. All classes are taught by a fully qualified Black belt kickboxing instructor.

Day Time Class
Monday 4.30 pm Junior Kickboxing (8-15yo) KICKS DOJO
Monday 7-8pm Adult Kickboxing (Yellow + above) Kicks dojo
Monday 8-9 pm Adult kickboxing (white + red belts) kicks dojo
Monday (Studio 9) 6pm Pilates-life with Caroline Mcgee
Thursday 7-8pm Adult Kickboxing (wh+red belts) kicks dojo
Thursday 8-9pm Adult kickboxing (yellow+ above belts) kicks dojo
Thursday (Studio 9) 9.30 am Pilates-life with Caroline Mcgee
Friday 6.30pm Adult kickboxing sparring (invite only) kicks dojo
Saturday 10am (from 11th Jan) Junior kickboxing (KICKS DOJO)
Saturday 11am (kicks dojo) Women only kickboxing (from 6th Jan)
Thursday 4.30 (kicks dojo) Kickboxing for Eastboure college students
Friday (studio9) 6.15pm (6 week courses start from 16thMay) Bikram yoga with Naomi clark
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Junior Classes

Kickboxing is a great way for children to blow off steam whilst at the same time learning a little discipline and having a great time! Working towards and through belts builds a sense of achievement and confidence within a fun fitness environment.

All our classes are taught by a fully qualified and CRB-ckecked black belt Kickboxing instructor.

Women's Kickboxing

Kickboxing is an excellent way of getting in shape for women. In a short space of time improvement in fitness, tone and flexibility can be seen, and an average weight adult will burn around 5-600 calories in an hour-long Kickboxing class.

Currently all classes are mixed, and are a welcoming environment, we are also planning a specialised women’s kickboxing class with extra emphasis on tone and flexibility.

From the 31st August there will also be a women’s only class each Saturday morning at 10am. Kicks 1st degree black belt Odile Rapoport will be taking the classes.

For more information please contact us.

One-to-One Training

Need an extra fitness boost or want to improve your technique? A one to one private lesson could be what you need to give that extra edge in grading or to master a particular combination. One to one lessons are carefully designed to push your training and fitness that bit further, whatever your level, with a chance to tailor the lesson to your needs.

Studio 9

As well as a fully-equipped dojo, our studio is also the perfect environment for Yoga and Dance. A combination of natural light, mirrors and sprung floor, the perfect place to unwind and focus the mind and body. For students, a programme of yoga and dance for both adults and children is already in place, and being added to so check our timetables or contact us for more information.

For teachers, a light and airy studio in the centre of Eastbourne with iPod dock, changing facilities and refreshments area. Competitively priced by the hour, contact us for more details. You can see some photos in our gallery.

Contact Usfor more information about Studio 9