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Welcome to KICKS


Learn the hand techniques of a boxer whilst combining the kicks of different martial arts. Our warm and friendly classes are designed for everyone, at all levels, and are the perfect route to whole body fitness, good mental health and the ultimate self defence. 

Kicks Eastbourne Stitch Sayers
Kicks Eastbourne Stitch Sayers
The Journey Begins Here


Kickboxing - originated in the mid-seventies in America under the guidance of the PKA (Professional Karate Association). It was initiated as a result of the frustration felt by many martial artists with the Karate Tournament Circuit. Initially known as Full Contact Karate with most of the original champions coming from a Karate background; Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Joe Lewes, Benny “The Jet” Ugiduez it increasingly came to be known as kickboxing. Though some saw it as detrimental to traditional karate as it combined a mixture of styles and disciplines, others felt it opened the door to a more practical form of fighting.

Kickboxing came to the United Kingdom in the late 1970s and established itself as a demanding and exciting sport. Though martial arts are usually thought of in terms of a style or a system, kickboxing is an eclectic martial art that gives credit to most of the fighting arts in its application. The hand techniques of the boxer are combined with the kicks of many different martial arts from the orient.

K-1 Rules - Japanese Kickboxing developed into K1 in 1993. K-1 combines stand up techniques from May Thai, Karate, Taekondo, Savage, San Shou, Kickboxing and Western style boxing. K-1 rules are similar to those of Kickboxing , main difference between K-1 rules and Kickboxing is the use of knees and low kick.


Our Classes

Kicks Eastbourne Full Personal Training

1-1 Kickboxing Classes

A perfect way to improve quickly and reach your personal targets!

These will be tailored to suit the individual depending on what their aspirations are. 

Contact us for more details.

Kicks Eastbourne 1-1 sessions

General Fitness Training

Our fully equipped dojo is set up to cater for personal 1-1 and general fitness training. This is available to club and pay monthly members only.

Contact us for more details.

Kicks Eastbourne Adult Classes

Adult classes

Our classes are always varied and enjoyable. Subject to demand and availabilty, we are set up to operate mixed genda, female only, male only, over 50's and over 60's classes. 

The club also operates a grading system for those who choose to grade. Working through grading belts is an excellent way to keep improving and testing yourself.

Contact us for more details.

Children’s classes

Junior Classes

For juniors who aspire to start their martial arts journey early, Kicks 'Little Warriors' are aged 5+6 years. Ages 7-14 students train in our junior classes.

Our classes are always designed with the children in mind and what they want to achieve from it. All Kicks instructors are DBS checked , first aiders, Child safeguarding certificated, Black belt level +

Self confidence, control, discipline and respect are just some of the core values that we teach in our dojo.

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Our Classes